Catholic Missions and Fairs

Catholic Missions and Fairs

The Catholic Church has always had a strong influence on the community thanks to its missions and fairs. The long history of Catholic community fairs dates back centuries. Initially the fairs were started as special feast days for the Saints. These special feast dates are still celebrated around the globe but the Catholic Church has taken things up a notch to help foster community spirit and bring people back to the church.

The Archdiocese

Each Archdiocese hosts different Catholic community fairs. In some cases the fairs are focused on a particular feast day of a Saint and the fair or feast is built around that date. For example the Archdiocese of NYC holds the annual feast of San Genaro. The feast or fair is a joyous event that is chock full of food, games and fun.

Many Catholic schools depend on Catholic community fairs to subsidize their annual budget. They hold “white elephant sales” and other events to raise funds for the school.

All about the Fun

Catholic missions are serious works. They are outreach activities geared at bringing people into the folds of the church but even this serious business can be fun sometimes.

The Catholic community fairs shows a lighter side to the community and brings people together to have a good time. Some things you can expect at the catholic community fairs are:

• Food
• Games
• Rides
• Fun

Typically vendors are brought in for the fairs although in many cases church members will donate baked goods and other foods. There are plenty of games that are played to win various prizes.

In some cases the fair will include rides that are brought in are available. You can also expect fun. These community outreach types of fairs that the churches put on bring people together from all walks of life and all faiths. It is a good way to get to know people in your community and see what the church has to offer.

Ancient Traditions

The Catholic Church has an ancient tradition of bringing the community together to enjoy good food and fun. The practice of the Catholic Missions and Fairs dates back to the time of St. Peter and the Apostles that spread the word of the gospel wherever they went often taking the gospel with them to community fairs, feasts and gatherings.

If you have a chance visit one of the many Catholic community fairs.